Walking Weekends with BungyPump

As we move into the month of March and closer to Spring time the excuses for not spending more time outdoors are getting fewer and fewer.

The weather being milder and snow thawing away (does not apply to Californians), walking outdoors is pleasant and quite enjoyable. So make a decision to change the way you look at the weather, and rather see the opportunities rather than obstacles. For example, if it’s raining outside – see it as an opportunity to take your rain jacket out for a spin and enjoy the calmness that often comes with rain. If it’s windy – use as an extra challenge to your walk and push through.

Join our Walking Weekends with BungyPump and spend more quality hours outdoors in the fresh air. Each weekend we will be actively posting on our Facebook page encouraging and motivating you to walk more.

Find our Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/bungypumpus/ 

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