How to use

Instructions to help you assemble and adjust your poles – how to use them correctly.

How to use BungyPump poles 

1. Turn the pole upside-down. Adjust the pole so that it feels comfortable, roughly at chest height (initially it may be appropriate to adjust the poles 5-10 cm lower, as it is easier to learn the right technique). Lock into position by holding the middle section (B) and turning the lower section (C). Note! You are not allowed to push the lower section longer than the reflexmark.

2. Adjust the handstrap by pulling on the lower strap. Keep the locking device open while you adjust the loop. Press the locking device and pull gently on the two upper straps to lock into position.

3. Slip your hand into the loop from below. Then grasp the handle of the pole. Hold the pole in a comfortable and relaxed way.

4. Place the pole on the ground in line with the back of your front foot or immediately behind your heel. “Gently” place the pole on the ground and then press downwards. Keep the pole pressed down until it is time to take the next step.  Remember that the hand with the strained pole is supposed to come so far back that it passes the hip. Walk och jog. Alternate using your left arm and right leg with your right arm and left leg and so on. Remember: have a straight posture,lower the shoulders, pull in your stomach and look straight ahead. Your arm should be slightlyangled and the whole arm will be in the pendulum movement, it is the shoulder joint (not the elbow) that are supposed to work. The poles must always lean back at an angle of approximately 45 degrees.

Do you have problems finding the right technique? Unsure of how to use your poles?

Put your hands in the wrist straps as instructed, start walking while dragging the poles after you. Relax and let your arms swing by themselves, after a few steps you will automatically begin to find the right technique (right foot and left arm up at the same time and vice versa). When you feel that you have the right technique you can grab the handles of the poles and walk.

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How to use BungyPump to benefit your cycling winter training

BungyPump is an ideal complement for cyclists because of its technical characteristics, as you get to work with the strength in the muscles, joints, heart, and also for the low injury risk due to the suspension system effectively absorbs the impact on elbows and shoulders. This means that we in a larger extent can exercise comparable to a cyclist at any time during the season, but it will be especially crucial during the winter preparation and initially during the season before embarking on specific cycling training.

BungyPump can help all these muscle groups and ensure that the physical exercise is the most appropriate and correct muscles are strengthened. When using the poles our back is in a upright position, which on one hand strengthens the back muscles, and on the other hand allows recovery for the spine posture from the cycling, which complements the muscle work.

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BungyPump power walking

Different techniques and ways of using BungyPump 

BungyPump training poles can be used when walking, running and other variations. But the training poles can also be used in individual exercises. For visual presentation of the different BungyPump techniques please view our Instructions Video.

How to use BungyPump poles for individual exercises

Upper Arm Press – Hold one pole with both hands above the head with the arms opened at a 90-degree angle. Straighten and lower the shoulders. While holding, press the pole together and release.

If you want to challenge yourself: While pressing together the pole, bend your knees.


Half Moon Swing – Hold one pole with both hands above the head with both arms slightly bent. Bend the whole torso in line with the body to the right, but make sure to keep your legs and hips still. Repeat this to left side as well.


Cross Leg – Hold both poles in front of the body with arms wider than shoulder width. Put the palm of the hand on top of the handle for balance. Bend one leg at a 90-degree angle and place your ankle on the opposite knee. Stand in position and hold balance. Switch legs and repeat.
Challenge: While in position and having the arms stretched out in front of the body, press down both poles. Try and bend your knees simultaneously.


Vertical Press –  Hold one pole with both hands and place it behind your back in a vertical position. One hand will be positioned at the lower back and the other above the head. While holding, press the pole together and release. Switch hands and repeat.


Arm Press – Keep the arms slightly bent and have the body resemble a “T”. Straighten the back and lower the shoulders. Hold each palm on top of the pole and press down. Keep in mind to only be moving your arm muscles. Press down 15-20 times, take a break and repeat.


Arched Back – Stand with legs shoulder-width apart and arch the back so that the upper body is bent forward. When in this position, place both poles in front of the body with arms stretched out forward. Press down both poles and make sure to only use the arm muscles.
Challenge: When pressing down the poles, hold them pressed for 5 seconds each, and then release.


Don’t be scared to use your imagination and come up with new ways of using BungyPump!