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The month of March is a very important month that highlights the Women’s History.

On March 8th (tomorrow) we also celebrate the International Women’s Day. This entire month highlights all the strong women that paved the way for our generation today. For example we have Marie Curie who was the first women to be awarded the Nobel prize in 1903. We have Maria Agnesi who was the first women appointed as a mathematic professor at a university. You can find a longer list of famous women scientists here.

In honor of this day and month we are running a promotion where you get 15 % discount on BungyPump models that we offer in our webshop.

Discount on BungyPump_Women's History Month

Discount on BungyPump_Women’s History Month

The 15% discount on  BungyPump models is automatically applied at checkout and even includes Free Shipping. This promotion is valid until the end of March – don’t miss out but visit our webshop now: 

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