BungyPump World Association


Focusing on quality, skills and fun.

BungyPump World Association is an organisation which aims to develop the BungyPump pole exercise method. Our goal is to get more and more people to live an active, healthy life through stimulating and frequent exercise, which is an important ingredient in a long and happy life.

BungyPump World Association trains and licenses BungyPump instructors both nationally and internationally. Hand in hand with our licensed instructors and well-qualified trainers, we develop the best basis for exercise using BungyPump poles, with a view to improving health and promoting well-being, and we are very proud of this.

To ensure high standards and quality-assured training, we have set up a network in which you, the instructor, are updated and trained specifically to promote this form of exercise and, as a result, also benefit those who train with us.

For more information about BungyPump World Association and to learn how to be a part of this network visit the official website www.bungypumpworld.com 

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