Below you will find all local BungyPump resellers for all of United States. See who is located in your local area and where you can try before you buy a pair of BungyPump poles.


Instinct Plein Air

Instinct Plein Air is our first distributor for BungyPump poles in East Canada. They are located in Quebec and will serve the state of Quebec in regards to any BungyPump inquiries. Contact them directly for BungyPump demonstration, walking classes, to purchase a pair of poles or to get certified as a BungyPump instructor.

Address: 2710-B, Ledoux,  Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec)

Phone: (450) 702 – 2222




BungyPump World Association  

BungyPump World Association is the main business partner of Prime Trade, Inc. Focusing on quality, skills and fun, BungyPump World Association is an organisation which aims to develop the BungyPump poles exercise method. Our goal is to get more and more people to live an active, healthy life through stimulating and frequent exercise, which is an important ingredient for a long and happy life.

BungyPump World Association trains and licenses BungyPump instructors, both nationally and internationally. Hand in hand with our licensed instructors and well-qualified trainers, we develop best practices for exercising with the BungyPump poles, with a mission to improve health and promote wellbeing.

Address: Strandgatan 7, 89133 Ornskoldsvik. Sweden

Phone: +46 70-336 26 54





Dr. Susan Debin, MD & Associates 

Dr. Susan Debin, MD & Associates has been a private practice for over 25 years and focuses on preventive medicine, with a holistic approach. Contact their team of experienced doctors to learn more about BungyPump and how it can benefit your conditions.

Address: 1234 W. Chapman Ave., Suite 101, Orange CA 92868

Phone: (714) 532 – 6713



We’ve Got Your Back,  Los Gatos Store

The team at We’ve Got Your Back is experienced in the fields of ergonomics, athletics and natural health. They seek to help customers find solutions without spending thousands of dollars in medication and doctor’s visits. At this retail location you will find all the models of the BungyPump Training Poles.

Address: 114 Royce Street, Los Gatos CA 95030

Phone: (408) 395 – 1122

Toll Free: (866) 376 – 4487




Betty and Harold Payte

If you’re located in the Denver area and surrounding cities, make sure to join Walk2Connect and their large amount of walks, hikes, gatherings and events. To join and learn more about BungyPump contact Betty and Harold Payte, they are two of our certified BungyPump instructors.

Address: Each walk/event hosted at different meeting point, check website for exact details


Phone: (303) 908 – 0076



Jolanta Osoba-Olbrys

If you are located in Tampa, Florida please contact our BungyPump instructor Jolanta Osoba Olbrys. For more information on how to join a BungyPump training class please contact her directly via email or visit her website below.


Phone: (813) 294-3926

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 11.23.15 AM

Willy’s Products – Scandinavian Food Store 

Willy’s Products Scandinavian Food Store distributes some of the finest Norwegian, Swedish Danish and Finnish foods and items. All of their products involve a taste of Scandinavia and we are very happy to announce that BungyPump is now part of their selection. Visit their store front in Florida or their online web-shop.

Address: 1637 NW 38th Avenue., Lauderhill, FL 33311

Store Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm

Phone: (954) 316 – 1350



Gerstung Intersport

If you are located in Maryland please visit our local BungyPump retailer Gerstung Intersport for more product information, demonstrations and to purchase your own set of BungyPump poles.

Address: 1400 Coppermine Terrace, Baltimore MD 21209

Phone: (410) 337 – 7781 


Carol Lee Hilewick, Ph.D. 

If you are located in Kensington, Maryland please contact our local BungyPump Instructor Carol Lee Hilewick. For more information on how to join a BungyPump training class please contact Carol Lee Hilewick directly.

Address: PO Box 68, Kensington, MD 20895

Phone: (301) 456 – 4265


New Jersey

Posture Perfect Fitness

David Greenwald

If you are located in the New Jersey area please contact our local BungyPump partner David Greenwald for product information, demonstrations and business inquiries regarding BungyPump.

Phone: (201) 841 – 7879

Jodi Greene Strumeier, AADP, CWC, PT 

If you are located in the New Jersey area please contact our local BungyPump instructor Jodi Greene Strumeier. For your fitness or wellness session just go to the “connect and contact” tab. Fill out your health history and send privately and securely.

Phone: (908) 692 – 8050


Lisa Minelli-Endlich 

If you are located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area please contact our local BungyPump instructor Lisa Minelli-Endlich. For more information on how to join a BungyPump training class please contact her directly.

Phone: (484) 363 – 3867


C&D Aktiv

Cindy and Dieter Beger

If you are located in the Utah area please contact our local BungyPump partner  C&D Aktiv for product information, demonstrations and business inquiries regarding BungyPump.

Address: PO Box 288, Eden UT 84310

Phone: (801) 745 – 0264



10k Every Day Walking Program

Susie Stout

If you are located in the Knoxville area please join the BungyPump hiking and walking classes hosted by Susie Stout, a certified BungyPump instructor. Also join her “10k Every Day Walking Program” to get encouragement and community to reach 10 000 steps every day.

Address: Knoxville, Tennessee

Phone: (865) 386 – 7554


BungyPump Walking Group: 


Spirit Fitness Training

Joanne Blackerby

If you’re located in the Austin area and want to join BungyPump walking and exercises classes, or purchase a pair of poles, please visit or contact this fitness center.

Address: 2135 W. Anderson Ln., Austin, TX 78757

Phone: (512) 206 – 3191


Sun City Texas Community Association

Beth White

BungyPump classes are hosted at the fitness center located in the Sun City community. To try our BungyPump poles or for more information on how to join a class please ask for Beth White, the fitness coordinator, when calling or emailing.

Address: 2 Texas Drive, Building C, Georgetown, TX 78633

Phone: (512) 948 – 7753

BungyPump Reseller – if you prefer to find them online 

We are happy to announce that is a new retailer to carry the BungyPump poles. Visit their website for all available models and for the most up to date pricing.


Phone: 1 (800) 843-2446


Zulily constantly offers new products and brands on their online platform, and BungyPump was a great success when launched in 2015. Join their newsletter and stay up to date with promotions.

Phone: (877) 779-5615



Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer is a retailer and mail order dealer founded in 1848. They are the oldest continuously published catalog in the United States, with an approximate annual catalog circulation exceeding 30 million. They have a very wide selection of product categories.

Phone: (800) 321 – 1484


Herrington Catalog

Herrington, The Enthusiasts’ Catalog, is located in picturesque Londonderry, New Hampshire. Founded over thirty years ago in 1980, the Company has become the leading mail-order purveyor of superior-quality items to those who share Lee Herrington’s passion for great automobiles, distinctive footwear, serious golf, hassle-free travel, fine photography, executive accessories, high-end audio/video, and physical fitness.

Phone: 1 (800) 622 – 5221


The Grommet is a product launch platform. They find unique, undiscovered products and help them succeed. Everyday a new product is introduced, or as they also like to call them new “Grommets”.

Phone: (877) 862 – 0222


If you haven’t found a local BungyPump Reseller near you, and want to open up your own resale business, contact us for more information on how to get started.