Healthy banana pancakes

I’ve read and heard about these banana pancakes for a while now, but never actually tried them until recently. The thought of mixing eggs and bananas together seemed a little odd to me, but after trying it for myself I am completely sold. These pancakes taste so good and the best thing about them is […]

“Peters Canyon” in Tustin, CA

It’s always fun to explore new parks, routes and trails. A few weeks ago we found this great trail in Tustin called “Peters Canyon” it has both more flat and easy trails, but also some really steep and challenging hills. Overall this trail really gets your heart pumping, especially when adding BungyPump training poles into […]

Healthy Snack: Date Coconut Roll

If you’re like me and always looking for a snack that is healthy, BUT most importantly satisfying, then I might have a great tip for you. These date rolls with coconut flakes on them are delicious and with their creaminess they almost taste like sweets or a pastry. I get mine at Sprouts Farmers Market. […]

Long Beach boardwalk

Earlier this week me and some friends were out exercising with BungyPump on the boardwalk down in Long Beach, California. It’s always fun to catch up with friends but at the same time be physically active and get your heart pumping. This day we did a 45 min workout by the beach and caught the […]

What is BungyPump?

When I’m out using my BungyPump poles or start telling people about them a lot of questions pop up. It’s not the easiest to explain a product to someone that doesn’t have any similar competitors or anything like it out there. For example we all know what a “shoe” is, even if it’s different colors […]