Q. How are BungyPump poles different from rigid walking sticks or hiking poles?

The BungyPump poles have built-in resistance of 8.8 13.2 or 22 pounds, meaning every time you press the poles down you press against the resistance of ex. 8.8 pounds. These are used to activate and exercise your upper body muscles and give you a real full-body workout while walking. Don’t confuse antishock poles with our BungyPump poles,.. They are nothing alike!

To read what makes BungyPump different from rigid poles CLICK HERE.

Q. Which BungyPump model should I choose?

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Q. What is the difference between Number One and SlimLine?

The Number One and the SlimLine both have 8.8 pounds of built-in resistance, and are more suitable for beginners, for someone that does everyday exercise or for rehabilitation purposes. The difference between these two is that the SlimLine has a slimmer design, a cork handle grip and a ergonomically designed handle strap, while the Number One has a more simple, thicker and straight forward design. It really comes down to taste and preference, because they both will give you the same type of great full-body workout!

Q. Do the BungyPump poles come in pair?

Yes, all of the BungyPump models come in pair (two poles).

Q. When do I need to use the rubber foot or tungsten tip?

The rubber foot is suitable to use when walking on asphalt roads or other hard surfaces. The tungsten tip is excellent for use on both soft and hard surface, for example walking in the park or forest, as well as on icy or slippery surface.

Q. Can training with BungyPump help me lose weight? 

When using the BungyPump fitness poles you burn up to 77% more calorie compared to regular walking, as well as activate your upper and lower part of the body’s muscles. You get a full-body workout that helps you build strength, endurance, flexibility and improve your overall fitness condition. Watch our BUNGYPUMP TRAINING VIDEO to get a better understanding of the multifunctional use with these poles. Not only can you walk with them, but also use them for various individual exercises.

Q. How can I adjust the length of the BungyPump training poles? 

It is simple! In order to adjust the length you simply hold the poles middle part of the shaft and twist the bottom part of the shaft until you feel it release. Pull it out. Hold the middle part of the shaft and insert the bottom part of the shaft into the middle one. Turn the training pole upside-down. Adjust the pole so that it feels comfortable, roughly at chest height (initially it may be appropriate to adjust the poles 2-4 inches lower, as it is easier to learn the right technique). In order to fasten the height of the training pole, simply hold the poles middle part of the shaft and twist the bottom part of the shaft until it is secure. For the same instructions but with images please CLICK HERE. 

Q. Where do I store my BungyPump training poles when I don’t use them?

When the training poles are not in use store them inside where it’s covered from rain and snow.

Q. Can I use my BungyPump training poles to walk on the beach, or other type of sandy surface?

You can use the training poles on the beach and on sandy surfaces, but make sure that you don’t “play” with them and get them covered with sand, this can result in damages due to the stand that enters the inside of the pole.

Q. Can I use the BungyPump poles on a treadmill?

We don’t recommend using any of the BungyPump models on a treadmill and our 1 year product warranty does not cover this. The risk of hurting yourself, as well as damaging the poles is too high.

Q. I just had a surgery, can I use the poles?

Yes, the poles are often used in rehabilitation purposes. They help to build up muscles and strengthen the body. But please consult with your physiotherapist and make sure that your condition after the surgery is good enough to start with physical activity and exercising again.

Q. What do I do when the rubber foot or tungsten tip gets worn out?

We have spare parts, both rubber feet and tungsten tips, for sale in our webshop. Visit our webshop HERE

Q. How do I replace the tungsten tip?

When replacing the tip to a new one: Heat the plastic cap and the metal tip with a hot air gun or a similar tool. Pull off the old tip, add a little hot-melt or a similar type of glue to the new tip and press firmly to fasten it. The BungyPump Tungsten Tip is suitable to use as spare parts for all available models of BungyPump training poles (Walkathlon, SlimLine, Number One, Energy and Power).

If you have the Walkathlon or SlimLine model – the original tip is connected with the basket, here you would remove them two together, and attach the new tip on top of the pole.

Q. My BungyPump training poles are damaged/broken, what can I do?

If you have any issues with your poles please contact us, either via email or phone. We will assist you in the best way we can and find a solution to your problem.

Call us at +1(562) 445-9977 , or email us at  info@bungypumpus.com

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