BungyPump Certification Resources

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This page is specifically created for all those interested in becoming a Certified BungyPump™ Instructor. Here you will find all the course material, helpful PDF’s, videos and information needed to complete the training.

The certification course is straightforward and it you will help you understand the benefits of BungyPump™ training, walking poles in general and how different people can benefit from pole walking/Nordic walking.


When you have become a Certified BungyPump™ Instructor you will be able to:

  • Lead BungyPump™ walking/training  classes

  • Call and promote yourself as an official BungyPump™ Instructor

  • Show and explain the difference between BungyPump™ vs regular poles

  • Asses the type of pole model and workout for each client

  • Use over 65 different exercises with the BungyPump™ poles

  • Work and get compensated for events, workshops and demo’s on behalf of BungyPump™

  • Act as a local BungyPump™ representative and sell products (if registered as a reseller)

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Some of our BungyPump™ instructor around the country. 

Steps to becoming a Certified BungyPump™ Instructor

1. Schedule an introductory call with our BungyPump™ team. You will get an assigned team member to guide you through the certification process from start to finish. The introductory call will contain information on the certification, what we expect from you but also what you can expect to receive from us. We want to get know you a bit more, why you are interested in becoming a BungyPump™ instructor and how we can tailor the course to fit you the best.


2. Read all theoretical course material. Please review in detail the “BungyPump™ Instructor Certification Theoretical Material” below, as well as other listed pdf files and videos.

BungyPump™ Instructor Certification Theoretical Material

BungyPump™ Story

Bungypump™ Test Report ’13

Physiotherapist Recommendation

Physiotherapist Letter – Comparison between BungyPump™ and rigid poles

How to correctly use BungyPump™:

Benefits with BungyPump™ (short video):

Clips from when used on the Biggest Loser Sweden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h6zBmhNXW4

3. Set up a review meeting. Once you have reviewed the BungyPump™ Instructor Certification Theoretical Material (pdf) and other listed documents please notify your point of contact, and he/she will set up a day and time for a review meeting. Depending on where you are located the review meeting will take place in person or through a video conference call. Together with your BungyPump™ contact you will go over some of the key elements in the educational material and get instructions on how to complete step 4. Please prepare any questions you might have prior to the meeting or conference call.


4. Prepare for practical test. At your review meeting (see step 3) you would have gotten instruction on what and how to prepare for the practical test. Below instructions can be applied for an in person test as well, but we have chosen to focus on how to submit the theoretical test via video submission.

You will need to prepare a short video of yourself demonstrating the BungyPump™ poles. Below are some guidelines and advice for preparing a correct video.

  • The actual quality of the video footage is not what we review, it’s the content.

  • Length of the video should be a minimum of 10-15 minutes, but no longer than 30 minutes.

  • We want to see how you as a future BungyPump™ instructor will demonstrate the training poles for a completely new and unexperienced user. Elements that should be covered are: how to assemble the poles (hight, strap etc), walking technique (the 45 degree angle, opposite arm and leg etc), benefits from using the poles (ex. 90% of body’s muscles activated etc) and who can use the poles.

  • You will need to have two assistants, one to act as the “unexperienced user” and one to record the video.

  • When returning the video please email it to: info@bungypumpus.com and label it “BungyPump™ Certification”

5. Review of your video submission. Once all the above steps have been completed and we have approved your video submission (step 4), you will receive the official Diploma showing a successful completion of the BungyPump™ Certification course.


6. I’m a BungyPump instructor, now what? Schedule a meeting with your contact to review how you can make an extra income from being a BungyPump™ instructor, whether it will be hosting classes, selling equipment or taking on bigger commission based projects. Your own ideas and thoughts are very welcome, and we will strive to find a mutually beneficial option.


BungyPump™ Informational Material

Use this material as handouts to potential customers, clients and those interested in learning more about BungyPump™.

BungyPump Product Introduction

BungyPump Story

Bungypump Test Report ’13

Physiotherapist Recommendation

Physiotherapist Letter – Comparison between BungyPump and rigid poles

BungyPump used in Cyclists Winter Preparation

10 000 Steps with BungyPump

Weight Loss Life Story

BungyPump Basic Instructions

BungyPump Walkathlon instructions (how to upgrade from 8.8 to 13.2 pounds)

BungyPump™ Videos

Click on each link to open up the videos in YouTube.

Benefits with using BungyPump

Difference between BungyPump and regular poles

How to correctly use BungyPump

BungyPump training video

BungyPump featured in The Biggest Loser Sweden

Inspiration exercise video 

BungyPump™ Marketing Material 

Use these print ready files for your local marketing and advertising activities.

NEW! Product Catalog

Product Catalog – 2016

Roll up stands (print ready files)



Poster (print ready files)


Ads (print ready files)

measurements in millimiters