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Why become a Re-Seller?

Men, women, over weight individuals, athletes, corporations, organizations and other type of member groups, are all looking for and wanting an effective and multifunctional way of staying active and healthy. When you become a re-seller of BungyPump, you’ll be offer your customers just that, a multifunctional way of training that activates both the upper and lower part of the body’s muscles. A healthy body promotes a happy life. We will provide you with training and, informational and promotional material that will allow you to represent BungyPump in the best possible way.

Don’t miss out on the BungyPump innovation.


How to become a Re-Seller

To begin supplying your customers with the advantage and uniqueness of BungyPump, simply contact us for more information on how to get started.


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Read up on BungyPump

Below are some important PDF’s that explains what BungyPump is, how these training poles are used and who can use them. Please download the PDF files, review them and contact us for additional questions. We will be happy to tell you why you should add BungyPump to your selection and how it can bring you more business and traffic.

BungyPump Product Information

The BungyPump Story

Bungypump Test Report ’13

Physiotherapist Letter – Comparison between BungyPump and rigid poles

Recommendation from Physiotherapist

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