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Why become a instructor in BungyPump?

BungyPump training poles is a unique product  and a new way of exercising. In Scandinavia and Europe BungyPump has become a success and is used widely among everyday exercisers, personal trainers, physiotherapists and even elite athletes.

One of the big reasons behind the success with BungyPump is its appeal to so many different customer segments. Training with BungyPump has features and benefits that suit a wide range of potential user groups. The below information presents market features and health benefits offered by BungyPump.

– Walkers

– Weight Loss

– Rehabilitation

– Regular Exercisers

– Potential Exercisers

– Elderly People

– Occupational / Health Care

– Elite Athletes

When you chose to become a instructor in BungyPump you have the chance to work with a wide range of different people and customer groups as shown above. BungyPump training poles are something that people haven’t seen before and offer a unique and new way of exercising.

BungyPump training poles offer a multifunctional way of exercising and can be used for both walking and different exercises from stretching, strength, cardio, endurance and rehabilitation. As an example please download the below sample of a Training Program.

BungyPump Training Program – Fitness & Strength, Basic 


How to become a Certified BungyPump Instructor

In order to become a instructor in BungyPymp, you will need to join one of our Certification Seminars for complete introduction to BungyPump, both theoretical and practical overview of the equipment, technique and exercises.

As a future BungyPump instructor you will become a member of the BungyPump World Association, for more information on this organization please visit:

We will provide you with a pair of BungyPump SlimLine training poles, a informational kit of all you need to know about BungyPump and ready-made material for those who want to start a business, including brochures, flyers, posters, 24-7 support line for you and your members/clients and local marketing support.

We welcome you to our BungyPump family!

For more information on how to become a instructor please contact us: 

Phone: (562) 445-9977


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