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Discount On BungyPump Models

The month of March is a very important month that highlights the Women’s History. On March 8th (tomorrow) we also celebrate the International Women’s Day. This entire month highlights all the strong women that paved the way for our generation today. For example we have Marie Curie who was the first women to be awarded […]

Walking Weekends with BungyPump

As we move into the month of March and closer to Spring time the excuses for not spending more time outdoors are getting fewer and fewer. The weather being milder and snow thawing away (does not apply to Californians), walking outdoors is pleasant and quite enjoyable. So make a decision to change the way you […]

Carry Bag For Your BungyPump Poles

Besides different models of BungyPump Poles we also offer some great accessories and spare parts that you might want to check out. Learn more about the Carry Bag for your BungyPump poles. Below is a great video showcasing the Carry Bag for your BungyPump poles. You can use it to store, transport or carry your […]

Correctly Use BungyPump Poles

Watch our newest video on how to correctly use BungyPump poles. All from how to adjust the height, the handle straps, to how easiest start walking with them and how NOT TO use BungyPump. Check it out below and let us know what you think! Please share this video on how to correctly use BungyPump […]