5 Healthy Valentine’s Day Activities

Pick and chose one, or several, of the healthy Valentine’s Day activities that we have put together below. Invite your significant other, sibling, best friend or family member to spend Valentin’s Day with you in a fun and active way!

Here are 5 healthy Valentine’s Day activities for you to try. If you come up with other activities or ideas please share with us below by commenting on this post.

  1. Pick a hike or walk that has some memorable views, whether it be a scenic view in nature or a culture art spotting on the city streets. Here’s a list of the 100 best trails in North America: www.trails.com/toptrails.aspxbungypump walkathlon joshua tree palm springs

  2. Time your walk so that you catch the sunset (or if you’re an early bird the sunrise). Watching a sunset can help you unwind and be more present in the moment. Fun article on 10 reasons you might want to watch the sunset/sunrise: www.theodysseyonline.com/10-reasons-to-watch-the-sunrise-and-sunset

  3. Plan a smoothie or snack crawl, similar to a bar crawl, but you pick healthy spots along the way where you can stop and treat yourself to a healthy smoothie, snack or bite to eat. Walk to each spot and get your metabolism going by activating your body. Bring your BungyPump poles along for the walk and burn 77% more calories – this means more guilt-free snacking for you! 169229-Midnight-Snacks

  4. Walking is know to reduce the risk of breast cancer. So take your friend for a walk where you donate a certain amount of money for each mile you walk. There’s many organizations you can donate to, local or national, for example National Breast Cancer Foundation.

  5. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day solo, this might be a great time to catch up on some reading and quality time with me myself and I. You might think now, but reading isn’t an active or healthy activity? Well yes it is, if you chose to listen to your book! Pick a popular audiobook and listen to it while you take a long walk outdoors. Here’s a list of the best selling audio books on Audible: www.audible.com/adblbestsellers


We hope you got some ideas for fun and healthy Valentine’s Day activities!

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