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Distribution and Sales 

We are actively searching for distributors, re-sellers and passionate partners to work with.

For all type of general inquiries regarding distribution, re-seller or sales inquiries, please contact the corporate office for further information and instructions via phone +1 (562) 445 – 9977 or email .

All requests will be responded to as promptly as possible.


BungyPump Instructors & Ambassadors

For all type of general inquiries or requests on how to become a BungyPump instructor or Ambassador,

please contact us via +1 (562) 445 – 9977 or email


Public Relations

To contact Prime Trade regarding Public Relations for BungyPump, or any other general inquiries regarding PR or Media exposure please contact our corporate office via phone +1 (562) 445 – 9977 or email .


Comments & Suggestions

We greatly value your support, trust, and friendship towards BungyPump ; and as always, we welcome every opportunity to have your comments and suggestions regarding our products and any aspect of your experience. We invite your feedback so that we may know how we are doing, and what we can do to assure that we are providing the highest quality products and services that we can. To share your thoughts with us, please email us at or write a comment on our Facebook page. We thank you for your time, attention, and assistance.


Technical Difficulties

For technical difficulties to do with our website, please contact us at +1 (562) 445 – 9977 or email at .


Career Opportunities

For opportunities to join our team, please either email or mail your resume to our corporate office (see the address below). We will review your application and inform you of any available job openings.


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