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Prime Trade, Incorporated

Prime Trade, Incorporated is the official distributor and representative of BungyPump Training Poles for the North and South American market.

Prime Trade, Inc is based in Southern California and has its corporate office there. Prime Trade is the North and South American subsidiary to the Swedish company Sports Progress, International AB. Its core business is to seek out innovative, inspiring and interesting products and/or ideas, to supply the American market with. Focus lies on health related products that not only improve people’s physical state, but also their mental wellbeing.

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Parent Company – Sports Progress International AB

The parent company of Prime Trade, Inc. is Sports Progress International AB, that is based in Sweden and is managing its own manufacturing, distribution and marketing of various health, sports and leisure related products.

Sports Progress has  exclusive manufacturing and market license for a training pole with built-in suspension, BungyPump.

Sports Progress is very active in both export and import trading, and is currently exploring opportunities in several countries, such as Brazil, Germany, Australia, Russia, Spain, UK and many others. Additionally Sports Progress owns two production units located in Sweden, where manufacturing and assembling of BungyPump takes place.

For more information about Sports Progress International AB visit their official website HERE.

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BungyPump World Association

The main business partner of Prime Trade, Inc. BungyPump World Association trains and licenses instructors in BungyPump exercise both nationally and internationally. To ensure high standards and quality-assured training, we have set up a network in which you, the instructor, are updated and trained specifically to promote this form of exercise and, as a result, also benefit those who train with us.

For more information about BungyPump World Association please visit their official website HERE.



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